An Old-Fasioned Variation Cocktail - Big Cypress Distillery
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An Old-Fasioned Variation Cocktail

An Old-Fasioned Variation Cocktail

An Old-Fasioned Cocktail a Variation- Enjoy

To mix this old fashioned cocktail we start with Tuthilltown Spirits Hudson Baby Bourbon, which is a smooth and tastes like sweet corn from the tip of the nose to the end of the finish. if you like young bourbons this craft whiskey is for you.

For the Cocktail.

-Fill an old-fashioned glass (or lowball) with ice.
-On a second similar glass add a scat teaspoon of white sugar
-2 dashes of orange bitters (we like The Bitter Truth (less if you would like)
– 2 dashes peychaud’s bitters
– 1 teaspoon of water
– Muddle the sugar, bitters and water mixture
– Top of with ice
– Add 2 ounces of Tuthilltown Spirits Hudson Baby Bourbon
– Squeeze 3 or 4 droops of key lime or lime
– Stir
– Replace the ice in the first glass
– Strain the glass with the whiskey into the first glass
– Optional – well everything is optional except the whiskey, but feel free to add a dash of Pernod absinthe.
– Garnish with a fresh slice of key lime or lime and a thin slice of fresh ginger.


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