Craft Spirits - Big Cypress Distillery
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Craft Spirits


Why craft spirits in Miami

Miami has everything you can possibly want from beautiful beaches, great weather, warm people, international flare and a renowned night life with some of the world’s best clubs and bars. When we combine our openly transparent ingredients, influence the outcome with a distinct “Miami’ taste, mix in a local ambiance; you get an experience uniquely different, yet unexplainably approving to everything that is Dade County. The better question is why not?

Ingredients and what they
mean to us

First and foremost we believe in transparency. There are no secret ingredients, or old family secrets in our spirits. All our formulas are available and open to everyone to inspect. We believe in letting our customers know everything about our process from where we source our raw materials down to the distillation process we use. As it relates to our ingredients, we only have one simple requirement: they must be great!